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America's Team Visits America's Capital

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Two American Superstars
Two American Superstars

If you're a D.C. sports fan, then the term "America's Team" likely has some negative connotation for you. Probably because we all know somebody who considers himself a die hard fan of the Cowboys and Yankees despite having never visited Texas and considering New York only a good tourist destination.

But that's what the Los Angeles Galaxy have become. America's Team.

And it's all because of their two American superstars.

Landon Donovan is an American hero for good reason. His stoppage time goal against Algeria in the World Cup sent the United States through to the next round when they were within minutes of elimination, and generated unprecedented reactions across the country for a soccer game on a weekday morning. It's also worth mentioning that he is currently the best player in MLS, and could be the greatest American soccer player of all time.

The sudden popularity of Edson Buddle is a bit more enigmatic. He spent 10 seasons in MLS as a good but unrecognizable forward, before lighting up the league this season with 10 goals in his first 11 matches. Buddle's popularity reached new heights while he was in South Africa though, despite playing less than a half. Every time Robbie Findley or Herculez Gomez proved ineffective, Buddle's stature grew. Even casual sports fans now know who Edson Buddle is, because they've heard enough complaining from their soccer fan friends about Bob Bradley refusing to use him.

Like it or not, the Galaxy have gained a lot of fans in recent months. For the sake of D.C. United, hopefully that will translate into high attendance numbers at the gates tomorrow when the Galaxy pay a visit to RFK.

Interesting how much things have changed from two years ago. Back then the Galaxy were a huge draw because they offered a chance to see international icon David Beckham. Now they're a huge draw because of two hard working Americans.