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Peace Out Bryan Namoff

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Bryan Namoff entered semi-retirement today, "suspending" his playing career due to recurring concussion symptoms.

Namoff ends his career with DC United in third place on the all time games played list, behind only Jaime Moreno and Ben Olsen. That's some elite company, but it's company that he deserves.

Namoff was also behind only Moreno and Olsen as the face of the organization over the past decade. His work ethic, resilience, consistency, and overall badassness caused him to be a fan favorite for most of his ten year career in D.C.

He'll be missed, as he has been for the past 12 months. But we're all thrilled to hear that Namoff will remain part of the family, moving into the front office as "Special Projects Manager."

Favorite Namoff memories?

Two recent ones pop into my head. There was our loss to Colorado on 5/4/08 when Namoff received a cut to the head in the first half and played the entire second while wearing a turban. Heroic, but probably not the best way to avoid a future concussion. And of course a more obvious memory: his diving header goal on 7/18/09, redeeming himself from an earlier own goal.

Thanks for coming Mr. Namoff.