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Revisiting The SBNhanced Week 1 MLS Power Rankings

With MLS on a break from action for the World Cup, let's take a look back at our Power Rankings from week one to see how accurate the SBNation soccer bloggers were able to do with such little information.

Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups
Columbus Crew LA Galaxy
Real Salt Lake Real Salt Lake
Seattle Sounders Columbus Crew
LA Galaxy Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs
Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs Colorado Rapids
Colorado Rapids NY Red Bulls
KC Wizards Toronto FC
Houston Dynamo SJ Earthquakes
NY Red Bulls Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In
Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In Chicago Fire
FC Dallas FC Dallas
Chicago Fire KC Wizards
NE Revolution Houston Dynamo
Toronto FC Seattle Sounders
Tier 4 - Teams That Should Be Relegated Tier 4 - Teams Competing for #3 Draft Pick
Chivas USA DC United
DC United NE Revolution
Philadelphia Union Philadelphia Union
SJ Earthquakes Chivas USA

How did we do?

For the most part, not so bad. We missed pretty badly on a couple teams, but in general, it's looking like most teams were right around where they should be.

While the top tier is now in a different order, the fact that our three current top teams L.A. Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, and Columbus Crew were all in our top tier week one means that we knew what we were doing. And at the bottom, Chivas USA, DC United, and Philadelphia Union were all right where they belong.

The teams that we missed on: Obviously the San Jose Earthquakes. Their 3-0 loss to RSL to start the year was followed up by two straight wins. And the Seattle Sounders. While some might argue that the Sounders could be legitimate Cup contenders if all their talented players can just get on the same page, right now the third tier is a much better spot for them.

Other than that, the second and third tiers have been pretty fluid all year, so I won't quibble too much about the Wizards and Dynamo being ranked too highly early on, and Toronto being ranked too low.

Overall, our early season rankings were fairly accurate. But if I do another comparison 12 weeks from now, do you think our week 24 rankings will be similar to our week 12 rankings?