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Open Cup GameThread: FC Dallas at DC United

DC United is playing opposite the Capitals for the second game in a row, but I guess no one expected the Caps to be playing a game 7 in this series, so the scheduling wasn't exactly avoidable.  Because of the Caps game, and because its a Wednesday night, and because this Open Cup match hasn't really been the most heavily promoted game of the season, I would expect a lower than average attendance tonight.  Which is a shame because that means a lot of people are going to miss United's first win.

Game time: 7:30pm EST

Television: Streaming live on

Stadium Info: This is considered Special Game A if you're a season ticket holder.  If not, then get your tickets at the RFK box office.


Projected Starting Lineup:  
Adams McTavish   Rice Wallace
  Barklage   Najar  
Quaranta       Shipalane
  Moreno   Khumalo  

Last minute thoughts:  Obviously the lineup for tonight is the hardest to predict so far this year, but you told us yesterday that you want a combination of regular starters and reserves, and I'm pretty sure that's what we'll see.  As Chest detailed earlier today, we should expect to be up against a handful of FCD reserves also.  Look for Brandon Barklage to pick up where he left off in last year's Open Cup and get on the scoreboard, and Andy Najar also tends to dominate in matches against weaker opponents.  As long as we don't make any stupid mistakes, and Jeff Cunningham doesn't play, United should be able to outscore the Hoops and advance to the next round.