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GameThread: Chicago Fire at DC United

It's going to be tough for a lot of us DC sports fans to switch from the Caps game at 7:00 to the United game at 7:30, but if you fail to do so, then you might be missing United's first win of the season.  Despite finishing ahead of us the past two season, United is undefeated in its last five matches against the Fire..

Game time: 7:30pm EST

Television: DirectKick only, MatchDay Live, and

Stadium Info: Get your tickets at the RFK box office.  Pregame festivities include a concert in Lot 8 from the Pietasters , and of course the legendary Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles tailgates.


Projected Starting Lineup:  
McTavish Talley   James Wallace
  Najar   Morsink  
Quaranta       Pontius
  Moreno   Allsopp  

Last minute thoughts:  Continuing the theme of my match review post from last week, my observations from the reserve match, and my opinion on the Wicks release, I’d like to leave you with this thought…  Competition at every position.  No one’s job is safe.  I want the regular starters like Perkins, Quaranta, and Wallace to keep that in mind this week.  Their starting positions should not be thought of as guaranteed.  And I also want the reserves like James, McTavish, and Najar to keep that in mind.  If they play well in this match, they could work their way into the regular starting lineup.  Look for United to come out with more bite this week, because they all know that the standard quo isn’t good enough.  Or in other words, it takes more.