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Ben Olsen To Be Retained As D.C. United Head Coach

Don't smile too much, Benny. You've still got the same roster.
Don't smile too much, Benny. You've still got the same roster.

In November 2009, Ben Olsen's title with D.C. United was Midfielder. After retiring following the season, Olsen received the title of Assistant Coach in January 2010. When Curt Onalfo was dismissed, Olsen was promoted to Interim Head Coach in August 2010. And now, in November 2010, he will be named Head Coach.

Quite a 12 months.

This comes after months of Kevin Payne denying that Olsen would be considered for the permanent position because he wasn't ready.

Steven Goff said that United had interviewed at least seven candidates for the position. This really makes you wonder how many of the candidates had either declined the position, or rejected a United offer that was below market value.

I think I share the views of most United fans in saying that I have missed emotions about the decision. I have no doubt that the players will rally behind Olsen. They played much harder under Olsen the second half of the year than they did under Onalfo. But this also feels far too much like the status quo. Payne is back. Dave Kasper is back. Ben Olsen is back. The only one gone is Goalkeepers Coach Mark Simpson? WIll nobody be held accountable for the worst season in club history?

Will this work out for the best? I have no idea. But I will cheer on Ben Olsen with the same voracity that I did when he was leading the midfield.

We are Olsen's Army.