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NWSL players survive a fire, but they still need your help

Three NWSL players, including two from the Washington Spirit, lost just about everything. It's time for the DC soccer community to lend a hand.

This past Thursday, a terrible fire broke out in Boyds, MD. Thankfully, everyone living there managed to escape uninjured due to working fire alarms, but the house partially collapsed. The fire was severe enough that it damaged cars parked outside as well as a neighboring house.

Why are we talking about something like this on a soccer blog? This happened to be the home of the Eckerstrom family, whose daughter Britt was about to embark on her first NWSL season with the Western New York Flash. The Eckerstroms also served as a host family for Tiffany Weimer and Tori Huster, both of the Washington SpiritAnthony DiCicco's post on explains the situation in further detail.

As that piece lays out, players in the NWSL are sacrificing a lot for this game and their fledgling league. This fire took more or less everything from players who are already badly underpaid due to the financial constraints the NWSL operates under. It's already tough enough to play the game they love.

DiCicco started a gofundme page to raise money yesterday to help all three players out of what is a horrible situation. If you have the means, please help out. If you don't, please pass the gofundme link on through whatever social media you use in an effort to spread the word.