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Brexit Ball: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 24 June 2016

The Brexit is round.

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Friday Freedom Kicks is a little late because I was up most of the night watching Brexit returns.

MLS suspends D.C. United's Bobby Boswell for 'serious foul play' - Washington Post:  "I get one of those on him per game."  Boswell, ixnay on the alkingtay.

And I'll leave this right here:

Brexit referendum: How football and the Premier League will be hit by Britain leaving the EU - Eurosport:  The fallout from last night.

Blow for Gareth Bale and Real Madrid as Brexit will mean club go over quota of non-EU players - Mirror Online:  More fallout.

Brexit and football Q&A: How the leave vote affects the Premier League, players, fans and managers - Mirror Online: Might Brexit be a marginal plus for MLS, as the Premier League will have more trouble grabbing the best players out of Europe?

Pogba will cost an extra £30m - How the Premier League will suffer after Brexit -  Oh, and it will be more expensive for Premier League clubs to hang onto players.

'Be careful what you wish for' - Football reacts to Brexit vote -  Soccer figures tweet about the Brexit vote.

England v Iceland Euro 2016: What time is the match, what TV channel is it on and what's our prediction? - Telegraph:  This game will now be super-emotional for both sides.

Orlando City coach Adrian Heath says tiebreakers would make MLS a soccer laughingstock - Orlando Sentinel:  Who is even talking about tiebreakers?  Oh, right. I see there:  "some people are saying."

Sebastian Giovinco, Kei Kamara among nominees for Best MLS Player ESPY | D.C. United faces Kei tomorrow. But we have our own Kamara to unleash. Release the Kamara!

No, Jurgen Klinsmann isn't leaving for Southampton or any other job - Stars and Stripes FC: I'm slightly disappointed that he's not on the short list.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is, of course, this.

Commentariat, commentexit!