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Photo Gallery: D.C. United + Mayor Vince Gray: Stadium Press Conference, July 25, 2013

We got some pictures at the presser where D.C. Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. United General Partner Jason Levien announced the outlines of a deal to allow the team to build a stadium on land the city will acquire on Buzzard Point.

We'll be writing more in the near future on, I'm sure, a great many things surrounding the proposed D.C. United stadium on Buzzard Point in Southwest. We'll talk about transportation issues and the neighborhood. We'll talk about the politics surrounding and pervading the ongoing effort, which remains far from over. We'll talk about our dearly beloved tailgating culture at RFK Stadium and whether and how it can translate to a less vast sort of location. We'll parse the words of the various players at today's announcement of the stadium deal framework. We'll parse the words of journalists who are parsing the words of various players in the stadium development. We'll get ourselves alternately - and sometimes simultaneously - excited and depressed about the progress we may or may not see as quickly as we'd like.

But for now, please enjoy these pictures from today's press conference, which were taken by myself and Greater Greater Washington's Cavan Wilk.

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