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D.C. Council Member Tommy Wells talking Buzzard Point and D.C. United on Fox 5 this morning

The Ward 6 CM went on local news to talk about his support for the proposed deal between the city and the team to put a stadium on Buzzard Point.

Here's why Tommy Wells matters with regard to a D.C. United stadium on Buzzard Point. First, he's a member of the D.C. Council, so there's that. Second, he represents Ward 6, which includes Capitol Hill, the Navy Yard area and - most importantly for today - Buzzard Point. Third, he's running for mayor, whether incumbent Vince Gray runs for reelection or not. So his support is pretty critical if United are going to get the chance to spend $150 million of Erick Thohir's money on a new building.

Which is why this video - in spite of the anchor's referring to "the" United in the intro - is really good news. Wells has been on record as supporting a new stadium in his ward, but this segment shows him selling it. He calls it a "win-win" for the city (more jobs, keep the team, no new debt). Wells, who is known for promoting "walkable, livable communities" and development patterns that allow greater density and more use of biking and transit, is giving his full-throated support to the specifics of this stadium plan.

By no means is Tommy Wells the most important cog to have in place while United is navigating this process, but he's certainly a good one to have in your corner, especially with Mayor Gray and Ward 2 Council Member (and another mayoral candidate) Jack Evans on-board, as well.