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D.C. United vs. Chicago community/site player ratings

Quickly looking at last week’s scores while bracing for this week.

D.C. United came into last week’s game with the Chicago Fire with a couple slivers of hope; the Fire were (or should) on tired legs after a midweek game and despite the absence of Luciano Acosta, something could or should have been made from their game. But alas, twere it not to be.

Let’s take a gander on your thoughts on the performances, shall we?


Bill Hamid: 7.5 | Community: 8.3

After having to be in front of the firing line against the Philadelphia Union, had 7 saves, and the only goal he gave up he couldn’t do much about. Didn’t make it 3 or 4 nil, looked great despite the efforts of those in front of him.

Chris Korb (off 84’): 5.5 | Community: 5.3

Along with his block, had 2 tackles, an interception, and a clearance. Had a 72.7% passing accuracy day, though was largely ineffective in the attacking half. Proved he could play again which is encouraging, but gimme the kid, please.

Steve Birnbaum (Captain): 5.5 | Community: 5

Had the most passes (45) on the day which, ugh. And as Jason talked about, had 2 key passes while the team had 3, and also had 1 of the team’s 2 shots on target and won 4 aerials. Knocking things down a notch for that botch on Accam but what does it say when your center back has the most passes on the day?

Bobby Boswell: 5 | Community: 4.7

Connected on 20 of 25 passes, had 3 clearances, an interception and a tackle. Like Birnbaum, knocking things down a touch for Accam. Pretty much his usual when it comes to form which simply isn’t good enough but hey, broken record, preach to choir, etc.

Taylor Kemp: 5.5 | Community: 4.9

5 recoveries and 4 clearances defensively. Had the second most number of passes (37) on the team and a couple of shots to boot. Distribution accuracy in his half wasn’t horrible, but when you don’t have your better option out there it’s just not going to look good, though he looked better than in prior weeks.

Lloyd Sam: 5 | Community: 4.7

Should have buried that gifted chance by the Fire in the first half and if so, perhaps a different game. Had a key pass and 77.3% pass accuracy on 22 (all but 4 in the Fire’s end), had 3 interceptions and 3 clearances defensively. Should have buried that gifted cha (gunshot)

Marcelo Sarvas (off 72’): 5 | Community: 4

His 71% pass accuracy was down from his mean performance, had 6 recoveries, 2 clearances and 2 interceptions. He was fairly lost positionally before he was asked to handle multiple roles, now I think this has tamped down whatever impact he could have had. Not his fault entirely, just an observation.

Jared Jeffrey: 5 | Community: 4.4

21 of 28 passes connected, 2 shots on goal as he and Sarvas sorta did the sahred duties of a 6/8 back in the days of Perry Kitchen and Davy Arnaud. Had 6 recoveries, 4 interceptions, a tackle and a clearance. Better than most days I guess, but not that encouraging nonetheless. And #StartDurkin bee tee dubs.

Lamar Neagle: 5 | Community: 4

Completed 14 of 25 passes, all but 4 of those were in the attacking half (possibly why the intercepts), and won 2 aerials on the day. Added 3 recoveries, 3 interceptions and 2 clearances defensively, split evenly over both halves of the field. Welcome to Lamar’s ceiling again.

Sebastien Le Toux: 5 | Community: 4.6

A shot, a key pass, an aerial won, and a 61% pass accuracy day, woo! Contributed 2 recoveries and a tackle, but I still remain curious why he went 90.

Patrick Mullins (off 72’): 5.5 | Community: 4.4

Had the fewest touches among any starter (28), hardly a surprise given the players and new formation. Had 2 shots (should have done better on 1), won 2 aerials, had a 56% accuracy day. Defensively was a little more involved sadly, with an interception, clearance and tackle. You came back Lucho, you hear?

Jose Ortiz (on 72’): 5 | Community: 4.7

Had the same relative passing accuracy as Mullins (57.1% on half the touches (13), but also his only shot was on goal, and he had a key pass to boot to go with a tackle deep in his end. Thinking Ortiz as the second forward with Le Toux on the wing may have been the better play, but understand why it wasn’t.

Ian Harkes (on 72’): 5.5 | Community: 4.4

7 of 11 passing, or exactly half of what Chris Korb did. Contributed 2 recoveries and his distribution on the night was a little further back on the field for whatever reason. Should be starting in front of Jeffrey or Sarvas going forward, full stop.

Chris Odoi-Atsem (on 84’): 5.5| Community: 5.3

Likes coming on the field early though this time it was kinda helpful. Connected on all 8 passes, had a tackle and recovery. Hey, maybe give him a little more playing time, what do you say?

Chicago MOTM:

Accam was the runaway winner over Bastian Schweinsteiger:

Hilario Grajeda - Referee:

Your voting gave Grajeda an average score of 4.2.


A quick housekeeping note: apologies for the delay: emergent content needs came up which, combined with a sick kid, necessitated this thing to be done while I was on the plane to Vancouver. Yes, going to Vancouver, God help me.

It seems like it will be one of those games where D.C. has no chance because of the circumstance yet somehow will pull a result out of their ass. Lucho will help remedy the passing graveyards of the last two weeks, but here’s the passing chart from last week:

Note the Bermuda triangle before the Fire’s box, similar to the way Philly’s was (which you can see here). But perhaps most importantly, the Black-and-Red need to start shooting the ball. When they get close to the box, if they’re still dribbling, a marksman needs to take them out. You cannot score if you barely try, and waiting for the perfect moment won’t get it done in a lot of situations.

So as I cross over the Dakotas, I wonder what D.C. team I’ll see Saturday. Hopefully it’s the one that kicks it into gear.