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D.C. draws, Mal Pugh scores & more: Monday Freedom Kicks

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Also, Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Nine Inch Nails.

Caitlin Buckley

First things first, thanks to those who came out to our tailgate Saturday. You are a very beautiful bunch of people, and based on the topics of discussion I participated or eavesdropped in, you’re smart too. We’re lucky to have you.

Recaps of D.C. United’s scoreless draw with the LA Galaxy by us (with more from us here), MLS (with more from them here) and WaPo. LAG Confidential has the Lig darlings side of things.

Hamid, Birnbaum named to preliminary Gold Cup squad (us): Good on Bill Hamid and Steve Birnbaum for getting some national team love. However...

Why club over country is the strategy for club support - Angels on Parade: Personally I’m more of a fan of Alicia’s take on this, plus me and Steven Streff met her last week and she’s super nice, which makes the endorsement all the easier.

Spirit pick up 2nd win of the season, defeating Dash 2-0 (us) - Mallory Pugh scored her first goal for the Washington Spirit, who posted their first shutout of 2017 over the Houston Dash. The Spirit leapfrogged the Dash and got out of the NWSL basement in the process.

Which athletes in D.C. would be stars in a different sport? | CSN Mid-Atlantic: We’ve got 10-ish days off, so let’s enjoy the little things, right?

What's this? A goalkeeper penalized for rough play? (Soccer America): Paul Gardner weighs in on the Bill Hamid foul on Brek Shea from a little while back. Make sure you have your sunblock for this take.

Caringi III Says Christos FC May Have To Actually Practice Before Facing DC United (Glenn Crooks): God, this Billy town team is gonna make it hard to dislike them.

Inter to appoint Luciano Spalletti as Head Coach - Serpents of Madonnina: Inter Milan appear to have gotten their man in the recent coach of AS Roma. Now to see what they do about it.

Finally, the other day I was listening to a podcast where a topic that was discussed was Raiders of the Lost Ark. They mentioned a different cut of the film, a black and white one. Having seen the Marvel film Logan in black and white, my curiosity was piqued.

So as it turns out, Steven Soderbergh did this version and, as a one-upper, made Raiders a silent film, set to the music of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Social Network, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). Obviously carving out 2 hours at work is tough, but definitely carve the time out to read about and watch this thing.