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D.C. United season review: Facundo Coria

Do we want Facundo Coria to return to D.C. United next season?

Facundo Coria was one of two players that D.C. United brought in this season from outside of the United States, alongside Markus Halsti. And, unfortunately, Coria was closer to D.C. United's typical signing from Central or South America than to the breakthrough for which we were hoping.

Coria is a journeyman whose previous club was in the second division of Argentina; he had trialed with the Philadelphia Union early this season but did not come to terms. At best, he could have been a surprise; but what we got instead was probably closer to the worst.

Six of his first seven appearences in MLS came within a month of his signing in May; the seventh appearence, however, banished him to the bench for the rest of the league season. He subbed on in the last five minutes of United's match against FC Dallas, went on an ill-advised attack, lost the ball, and Dallas immediately went down the field and scored to win. After that, Coria rarely made the 18 man roster until the end of the season, and never came off the bench again.

He was one of the consistent starters on the second team for the CONCACAF Champions League, and ended up tallying an assist in four games. In a tournament in which all of the second-tier players were looking to break through and show Ben Olsen what they can do, he was eclipsed by Miguel Aguilar.

Part of this, however, isn't quite far to Coria: he was signed in May, two and a half months into the MLS season, so never got the offseason time to work with his teammates and build relationships. His career has been moving in the wrong direction, with previous stints with Villareal B and in Liga MX replaced by loans to Chile and the Argentine second division. With him turning 29 next year, there really isn't much time for him to improve past what he currently is, unless we think that he will get better with a preseason with his teammates under his belt.

What do you all think, though? Am I being too harsh on Coria? Do you want him back next season?