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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Dolla dolla bills, y'all

Also: New Zealand is far away.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Got a light list for you folks today. Bite-sized, if you will. (Got Thanksgiving puns, too!)

How do MLS financial bonuses work? Here's one player's contract - Planet Futbol -
I wish someone paid me $350-500 to hand out autographs.

Equalizer Soccer – CONCACAF women’s Olympic qualifying group set
In the USWNT's group: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada.

Predicting the U.S. Women's National Team Rosters for the 2016 Olympics and 2019 World Cup - Black And Red United
Speaking of the USWNT, let's look into the crystal ball re: rosters.

Armchair Analyst: Master plans, dangerous leads and set pieces in the Conference Championships |
Ah, that sweet, sweet NYRB loss.

Peter Vermes a target of two Premier League clubs - report - ESPN FC
And an "unspecified European national team." So I look forward to Vermes coaching San Marino.

For New Zealand, Home Is Far From Soccer’s Centers of Power | The New York Times
Geographically correct headline is geographically correct. Kind of an interesting article, though. And you thought the USMNT had problems.

All right, people. What've you got?