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Buzzard Point Ancillary Development May Have Hotel

The gears continue to grind.

There was prior mention, virtually six months to the day when we first mentioned that the D.C. Council would hold hearings on road closures for the proposed Buzzard Point stadium site for D.C. United, that the National Capital Planning Commission and DC Historic Preservation Review Board approved of the closing of the roads surrounding that location so that the land could be prepared for construction and ancillary purposes as needed.

A document submitted by the D.C. Department of General Services and available on the NCPC website further illustrates which roads would be closed for the project. The City Council approved the closing of the streets on July 31 and the document shows which roads would be closed around the project. It further mentions that DCDGS and the team are looking at "a hotel and/or mixed-use commercial building" for ancillary development adjacent to the proposed stadium location, which was not part of last month's conceptual design package we acquired. The document shows the roads to be closed and ancillary locations, to the East Northeast moving towards Nats Park.

While this is a pro forma approval, this helps reiterate that we've got other progress to monitor the offseason past who takes the field for the Black and Red in 2016.