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D.C. United makes a statement & more: Freedom Kicks for 8/17/18

Also, RIP Aretha.

Hi there. I am your Jason today, because I’m going to North Carolina tomorrow to see family. Normal Jason will be with you Monday.

Clark waived, claimed by Timbers (us): Mildly surprising in the sense that the Chicago Fire were kicking the tires, but given the context the Portland Timbers makes sense.

DC United showed they are for real on Wednesday night (MLS): This is a decent breakdown, and the only thing I’ll add is that passing wise the right hand overlap wasn’t an outlier; it was more prevalent Sunday night against Orlando City (and THAT game), partly because they seemed to be happy to cede that ground when Oniel Fisher disappointed. But he didn’t Wednesday, to our relief.

Friedel praises Rooney, but tempers hype ahead of Revs’ crucial visit to DC (MLS): I actually get the tone of what New England Revolution coach Brad Friedel was trying to get at, in terms of not getting starstruck or whatnot, but if I’m Ben Olsen, I run on my bad ankles and put this damn post on the bulletin board regardless.

Legion appoints Soehn as first head coach (BLFC): The USL’s Birmingham Legion finally makes the announcement of former DCU coach Tom Soehn to head the Legion’s reigns official. Good luck coach!

Reign FC will remain at Memorial Stadium for 2019 NWSL season (Sounder at Heart): Apparently the Seattle Reign could have found themselves away from downtown Seattle, glad that they don’t now.

Finally, Aretha Franklin died yesterday. This was a rough one, frankly. She’s done so much, with so many people. I mean, Otis Redding writes and releases “Respect,” and two years later Aretha does her version and Otis basically throws up his hands and says what can you do because, well, what CAN you do? Anyway, this is her performance from the 1971 Montreux Jazz Festival, which includes versions of “Say a Little Prayer” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Just let this play in the background, seriously.