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The 2018 World Cup was awesome, Tim Cahill retires, and more: Freedom Kicks for 7/17/18

sorry yeah not quite done talking about the World Cup yet

Hello! Welcome to Tuesday Freedom Kicks. I’m your host Leanne and I’m coming to you live from my couch.

Today’s program includes more on France winning their second World Cup, because I’m not 100% sure anything else has happened since. (Which is really just because I was busy doing actual work yesterday (boo), then a workout that kicked my butt (ow why tf did I do that), then catching up on The Americans (zomg). So idk I’m like two days behind here.)

Anyway. To the links!

2018 World Cup final, France vs. Croatia: What we learned | Stars and Stripes FC

Donald’s got some thoughts for ya.

World Cup 2018 Never Stopped Captivating En Route to Crowning Champion | Sports Illustrated

It really was a hell of a tournament. More plz.

The World Cup final fulfilled its role as creator of memories and pinnacle of careers, but true glory is in the journey | The Independent

I enjoyed this look back on the final.

We Won the World Cup | Howler

We really did, didn’t we? More plz!

Kylian Mbappe is donating all the money he made at World Cup to charity | SB Nation

This is wonderful.

The protracted battle between Marvell Wynne and MLS that led to the end of his career | ESPN FC

This sounds like it was a tough situation all around, and I really feel for Wynne. I can’t imagine how hard this must have been for him.

Tim Cahill: The Socceroos career that almost never happened | Fox Sports Australia

I didn’t know that Cahill almost wasn’t permitted to play for Australia. Wonderful that that worked out for him.

All right, folks, I’m out. Share whatever hits your fancy today in the comments!