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D.C. United updates logo for pending USL team

Looks good, and a little more Loudoun-esque as 2019 comes.

After seeing a preliminary logo two months ago, D.C. United appears to have made some changes to the logo for their soon-to-be USL team. Take it away Bill Reese:

Now, obviously between May and July there have been some changes to the horse and to the fields inside it, with those fields corresponding to the design of the Loudoun County flag, shown below:

This falls in line with comments of Loudoun United COO Adam Behnke at an open house meeting at the end of May, though it remains to be seen if there will be alternatives to the logo for feedback; Behnke said those would be available for feedback, but I haven’t seen them and neither they nor the renderings for the USL stadium for Loudoun United were made available at a recent Loudoun Planning Commission meeting at the end of June.

At that meeting, the Commission discussed making zoning modifications to allow for preparation for the construction of the stadium (and the site of D.C.’s training facility). The Commission voted then to move the modifications to a separate workstation meeting so items such as handling traffic disbursement and land grading could be discussed. Zoning modifications will also include a final lease agreement between the team and the county. Discussing those items had been originally scheduled for July 11 but were deferred as a result.