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USA vs. Argentina, Leo Messi, and Steve Birnbaum: Freedom Kicks for 22 June 2016

Soccer, go!

Now begins the process of coming down from the Copa America, a process which includes the third place game. We're here for you and we'll get through it together. To the links:

USA vs. Argentina, Copa America 2016: Final score 0-4, USMNT outclassed in semifinals - Stars and Stripes FC: Well, this is about what we all expected. The main thing that bothered me about it wasn't the scoreline, but that the team just looked out of it on a number of the goals, committing unforced errors. Leo Messi creates errors out of nothing, but the USA could have done better.

Leo Messi made a lot of USA players look bad, including Steve Birnbaum - Black And Red United: Birnbaum does look bad here, but it isn't just his fault.

John Brooks: USA center back attracts Premier League interest: After the season he's had for club and country, Brooks deserves a promotion (warning: SI's horrible website)

Michael Bradley auctioning off jersey/armband to benefit Orlando victims | A cool story gets even cooler.

Kraft, UMass in talks for stadium in Dorchester - The Boston Globe: Yeah, sure, ok. The Krafts always leak a new potential site for a soccer specific stadium for the New England Revolution to tantalize the fans, and then it always goes into the ether.

Vote for MLS Save of the Week - Week 15 | Vote for Bill!

My TV pick this week is that the fourth season of Orange is the New Black dropped last weekend. We watched the first episode while waiting for USA-Argentina, and it is as great as ever.

That's all I've got; what's up?