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D.C. United vs. Houston Dynamo Player Ratings

We rate players on their performance Saturday.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United had such a thin roster of players going into Saturday night's game with the Houston Dynamo, that the field player with the longest Black-and-Red tenure among the substitutes was Luke Mishu. They dressed three goalkeepers, two players who started Saturday played 120 minutes in Wednesday's midweek loss to the Fort Lauderdale Strikers (a third was subbed on at one point), and Andrea Mancini even appeared on the bench, in a regular season MLS game. While Saturday's scoreless draw did give them two straight unbeaten road games, the larger pictures of 304 scoreless minutes and one goal in 527 minutes should be of at least moderate concern.

And on those pleasant notes, let's rate some players! A note on

Bill Hamid - 10

Got his second shutout in third starts, and, combined with Travis Worra, the two D.C. keepers are tied with Clint Irwin for the League League in clean sheets. But which save did you like, did you like the first one in stoppage time?

Maybe you liked the second, which was the last play of the game?

Me, I'm voting for this one on Will Bruin:

Because even Ben Olsen wasn't sure about if he got it or not, but when he found out, his reaction sums ours up (and the Dynamo's surrender cobras in the pics, for that matter):

Taylor Kemp - 5.5

He and Jeffrey were the most successful passing combination on the night for D.C. which, if nothing else, sums the game up. Had two pair (interceptions, clearances) and four recoveries defensively. Offensively, had a shot that channeled his inner Marc Burch, only 58.5% pass accuracy on the night, and remains an enigma in the attacking half.

Bobby Boswell - 7

Three tackles and two blocked shots led DC players on the night, two interceptions and four clearances, which put him in second among same. Had the first shot on goal (in the 51st, ahem) and 62.5 PA% on the night. Nicely and quietly done, which goes along with this note:

Kofi Opare - 7

After running for 120 minutes Wednesday, led the team with seven clearances, won an aerial and had a blocked shot, turned in an 81.8% PA number. We'll keep an eye on Tuesday's United-States-Argentina game to see a) if Steve Birnbaum rejoins the squad and, if he walks back into his spot next week.

Sean Franklin - 5

Two interceptions, a tackle and clearance defensively, 18 of 23 (with a key pass) offensively for a 78% number. Would have liked to see him exploit Houston's left side of the field a little more, but only wound up with the second fewest touches on the night.

Rob Vincent - 6.5

In his first MLS start, his five interceptions was a first place tie on the night for DC players, but offensively was a pleasant surprise, with 72% passing accuracy, including 8 of 9 in the attacking third, and two key passes. As far as his chart goes, I'll call him the light, because he switched a lot (logs off):

Marcelo Sarvas - 6

First off, long sleeves, in June, in Houston? Respect 'Celo. Tied with Jeffrey for most touches on the night, led the team in tackles (5) and recoveries (12), had a respectable 74% accuracy number, which admittedly is subpar for him, on a night where he seemed content to sit in front of the center backs for the most part.

Jared Jeffrey - 6.5

120 minutes Wednesday, led the team in pass accuracy on the night (88%), had a key pass and two aerials won. Defensively had five interceptions, two clearances, two tackles and a blocked shot. Great work in a week of ups and downs, and will probably sleep for a week now.

Nick DeLeon - 6

Forced to play on the outside again this week and had a pair of tackles and clearances, his 86.4% accuracy was second best on the night for starters, on 19 of 22 (including 6 of 8 in the attacking third). Subbed off late, hopefully just for cramps and nothing residual.

Luciano Acosta - 6.5

Recognized that he wasn't getting the ball early in the game and came back deeper to get it a little more (7 recoveries would lend to this a little). Led the team in shots (3) and tied for first in key passes (2) despite the 60% accuracy number, including 10 of 20 in the attacking third. Hopefully will have more able bodies on the field next week to work with.

Lamar Neagle - 5

Fewest touches among starters on the night, had two shots (both on target), four won aerials (leading the team), despite a team-low 54.6% accuracy. Forced there by necessity, would imagine this will get remedied next week.

Alhaji Kamara (Sub) - 6

Came on for Vincent in the 69th, was 7 of 8 passing, including two key passes and three won aerials. Also worked 120 minutes Wednesday, and hopefully returns will help manage his time a little more, but looking like a decent pickup based on the very rash decision of 35 minutes played in 3 games.

Jalen Robinson (Sub) - Inc.

Came on for DeLeon in the 88th in his MLS debut and his only touch was a clearance.

Julian Buescher (Sub) - Inc.

Came on for Acosta in the 91st and had one less touch than Robinson did.

Man of the Match

Nice to have Bill doing Bill things. Maybe he can stick around Houston for another day or two...