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Filibuster’s 20th Anniversary non-commentary of the First MLS Cup

We bring you an episode of Filibuster from almost four years ago on the 20th anniversary of the very first MLS Cup.

Eddie Pope

D.C. United is a team and a fanbase that respects its history, and so today is a very special day: It is the 20th Anniversary of the very first MLS Cup, which D.C. United won in dramatic fashion 3-2 over the LA Galaxy. Almost four years ago, the Filibuster crew got together to do a live un-commentary of the very first MLS Cup because Kick TV was kind enough to post the entire match on YouTube.

Tonight, in honor of that anniversary, D.C. United will be broadcasting this match live on Facebook, starting at 7PM. Therefore, we decided to bring back our live un-commentary as well, so that you can match it up with the game and listen to our ramblings rather than listening to Phil Schoen, Ty Keough, and (especially) Bill McDermott. If you can’t make it to their stream as it is going on, you can still watch the game on Kick TV at your leisure; if you do that, you should also listen to our commentary!

To match up our un-commentary with either broadcast, here are some timestamps (H:MM:SS) to help you out.

Kickoff: 0:05:44

End of the first half: 0:51:30

Beginning of the second half: 0:53:24

Give it a listen, happy anniversary D.C. United and MLS, and thanks Eddie Pope!

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