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Ho-Hum: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 6 November 2015

Foregone conclusions.

Friday Freedom Kicks starts now.

D.C. United needs another comeback to advance in MLS playoffs - Washington Post: Not much to see here in this little blurb of an article. Jesse Marsch says the New York Red Bulls are taking nothing for granted. And yet, I get the sense that everyone is. I mean, come on, BWP, you're gonna lay back a little and think about rubbing Drogba's nose in it, amiright?

D.C. United recognizes urgency in avoiding another playoff disappointment - Washington Times: Pshaw. Honestly. There's nothing urgent here. The disappointment already happened last Sunday. All is cool. Enjoy yourselves, guys. Have fun. Like it's a pickup game from 8th grade.

Red Bulls Revolution: The Kljestan Effect | MLSGB: I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea. I've got to be free, free to face the Didier Drogba that's ahead of me. - Sacha Kljestan.

MLS Set for Wild End to Conference Semifinals - American Soccer Now: New York proceeds to conference finals 3-0 on the aggregate versus D.C. United. (Oops.  I should have said "spoiler alert.")

D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls | MatchCenter: "It's an easier task for New York." Task?

Report: Matt Miazga turned down Chelsea to stay with New York Red Bulls - Once A Metro: The Internet is abuzz with Matt Miazga revelations. Namely, he has chosen to stick with a winning team.

10 things about Matt Miazga: Get to know the New York Red Bulls' rising star | Miazga! You can't hold him back! [ed. note: I thought not being held back was a United thing.]

ExtraTime Radio: Audi MLS Cup Playoffs preview | Reaction to Kreis | Red Bulls' midfielder Felipe in studio | ExtraTime goes all out - ALL OUT - with NYRB superstar Felipe.

25 things you need to know ahead of Sunday's Audi MLS Cup Playoffs Conference Semifinals | In the spirit of a Buzzfeed article about why outtie belly buttons are the best, presents a series of gifs about this weekend's semifinals.  The main thing is the Screaming Eagles are mentioned.

Beckham partner: Land owners ‘probably will’ blow up soccer deal | Miami Herald: We hadn't heard anything about Beckham's underwater stadium for a while. So here's the latest. It may blow up.

Guus Hiddink wants to build a soccer center in North Korea - CNBC: Have you ever read the Tripadvisor reviews of hotels and tourist sites in North Korea? They are fascinating and hilarious.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is Baby Jacques Derrida.

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