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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, MLS, and random soccer links for Wednesday November 11, 2014

Our favorite big dummy's dumbness in the second leg may have ended his season, not that it helps United. That plus news from Morocco and some rambling in today's round of Freedom Kicks.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I almost forgot it was Wednesday, so here is a scrambled edition of Freedom Kicks.

Photos: The Fans of D.C. United | DCist
Pretty sweet photo album of United fans during the season.

Inkoom's DC United out of MLS Cup |
The Ghanaian press is still keeping track of what's going on with Samuel Inkoom.

Roy Miller to miss both legs of Revolution series; Red Bulls turn to Oyongo | Empire of Soccer
Double Agent Roy Miller tried his best to help United by getting a very stupid and awkward red card, but in the end his tendency to fail generally has overwhelmed his attempts to specifically fail in ways that benefit United. The red card gets him a one-game suspension, but the yellow card he picked up in the first half was his second of the playoffs, meaning that he will not play in MLS again this year unless the Metros go to the MLS Cup final. Teal Bunbury will be running at Ambroise Oyongo. You know, the same Oyongo who nearly broke Sean Franklin's leg and was not suspended in the first leg.

What I'm getting at is that I wish the Revolution well in the Eastern Conference final.

Spot The Ball: Back by popular demand for MLS Cup Playoff Conference Semifinal second legs |
This was fun. I recall there being a coin-operated version of this sometime around Italia '90. I played it at either an Italian restaurant or an indoor soccer facility. If you lived in the Maryland suburbs in the early 90s, try to shake any memory of this loose so I don't feel like I've just dreamed up an arcade game that never existed.

Africa Cup of Nations still up in the air after CAF confirms Morocco will not host | SB Nation
Morocco basically refused to confirm that they'd be hosting, and in the blowup that followed they have been barred from hosting and also barred from playing in the Cup of Nations. This has some tiny connection to DCU as well: Should United win this coming spring's CCL knockout rounds, they'd qualify for the Club World Cup. Morocco was due to host that next December, but after this kerfuffle they might be removed from those duties as well.

Attention FIFA: Pick Japan as the replacement, and also send me to cover the event. Thanks dudes.

Martin Ødegaard's father wants his son in Football Manager 15 | SB Nation
Who is this Ødegaard? A 15 year old who already has a cap for Norway's senior team and a regular starting role with Strømsgodset in the Norwegian top flight (a league in which he's also the youngest-ever player). Basically, imagine if Freddy Adu had actually maintained a starting job at 15 here with United, and you're not far off. Anyway, thanks to Norwegian law, his dad had to give permission for Ødegaard to be added to Football Manager 15.

My favorite FM player of all time remains Miguel Del Val, a computer-generated player that came out of the youth academy at Burgos CF for me back in the days when FM was actually Championship Manager. He had 20/20 Finishing, 14/20 Pace, and 15/20 Acceleration at 17 years old! Del Val scored 20+ goals a season for me like clockwork, was profoundly loyal to the club, and eventually became Spain's #9. If you're still reading this, I'm impressed.

On that note, I'll stop before this becomes a 5000 word piece on my current FM game that I haven't been able to play much at all since the World Cup. What are you guys up to?