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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Rules? There are no rules.

Birnbaum is not Rookie of the Year, Bradley Wright-Phillips doesn't know the rules, and there's more on SuperClub Bayern Munich. Also, dinosaurs.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's Tuesday, it's Thanksgiving week, and it's time for Freedom Kicks. You don't need more of an introduction than that, do you?

Oh, but wait—Bowser is presenting her new stadium plan at today's Government Operations committee meeting. Check back for more on that later. For now, this is what I've got for you.

AT&T Rookie of the Year honor cap fantastic year for FC Dallas' Tesho Akindele: "I couldn’t be happier" |
Harrumph. Here at B&RU, we picked things a little differently because we have some damn sense.

New York City FC reveal away jersey for 2015 expansion season |
The orange triangle thing on the front is weird.

Away goals, chances missed and cards for all in the MLS Playoffs Review - ESPN FC
In case you missed some of the action this weekend, Jason Davis has got you covered.

New York Red Bulls' Bradley Wright-Phillips to miss 2nd leg vs. Revolution: "I didn't know the rules" |

10 things: Were Messi’s record and Bayern’s goals worth missing those Hunger Games? | Soccer Gods
Some more soccer things, in case you couldn't have your Hunger Games AND your soccer (I had some of both. Mockingjay: kind of a downer). Also: "Thankfully for Seattle and goalkeeper Stefan Frei, there is no column in the standings that reflect 'Personal Grooming Choices'" WELL WHY THE HELL NOT.

How American pro/rel advocates are unraveling their own cause | The 91st Minute
Worth reading. Honestly, Ted could tell me I was the most amazing person in the world and I would want to angrily insist that I'm the absolute worst person to ever live.

"Twitter Ted" may be "Tedious Ted" but also "Absolutely Necessary Ted" | Soccerly
Speaking of Ted, I guess.

Inside the SuperClubs: Bayern Munich - Planet Futbol -
I shared the first part of this series last week, but here's all of it—from Pep, to Neuer, to Lahm, to Beckenbauer. Read. Love. (Ok, yes, I'm biased.)

Lee Nguyen and the uncovering of the American No. 10 | The 91st Minute
I got distracted by the X-Files + Mix image but I think there's an article here. THE TRUTH (of our American No. 10) IS OUT THERE.

2014-15 CONCACAF Champions League championship stage schedule announced | D.C. United
Tickets for the March 4 game at RFK on sale in January. I am now accepting donations of DCU winter weather gear to my wardrobe.

Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History Tells Story of "The Last American Dinosaurs" in New Exhibition | Newsdesk
The dinosaur hall may have closed earlier this year and won't be back for like 65 million years, but some of the dinos are back, starting today. This girl will be making a trip to see them, because dinosaurs.