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Of Second Legs and FIFA 15's Cultural Power: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 28 November 2014

Make your Black Friday a Black and Red one by starting your day here.

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This Friday Freedom Kicks is an experiment:  What does a linkorama look like when a B&RU volunteer staffer is overdosing on tryptophan and spent the entire previous day drinking beer, wine, beer, vodka, and wine again?

Stay awake.  You can do it.  Wait.  Is that another piece of pumpkin pie?  No, I can't eat that.  (Yet, I must.)

Vince Gray Uses Marion Barry in D.C. United Fight, Then Thinks Better of It - Loose Lips - City Paper:  Vince Gray's office sent out a press release invoking the memory of Marion Barry in an attack on Muriel Bowser's stadium plan modifications.  Then they were like, ohmigah, ohmigah, that wasn't the right version, where is the recall button on Outlook?  Where?  Why does Microsoft hide that button in a pulldown menu?  Ohmigah.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Soccer Fan in Your Life: A Black Friday Guide by Black & Red Fans - Black And Red United:  Not to plug ourselves here.  But this might come in handy today as you shop for your loved ones.  If, however, YOU are the soccer fan in your life, you can go to this article and click the share-on-facebook button and let everyone know what you really want.

News News - Sportlive - MLS Preview: Schmid labels Galaxy ´physical´ - Sport Live:  Schmid calls out the LA Galaxy for being as physical as the next MLS team - maybe just a bit more tactical about their physicality than most.

10 minutes with analyst Paul Mariner on the Revolution's formula and second-guessing referees | MLSsoccer.comPaul Mariner says the Revs are so good because they have team spirit and Jay Heaps' is level-headed.  Oh, acquiring Jermaine Jones played a role, too.

Teal Bunbury Thriving in New Position as Revs Close In on MLS Cup Final - Soccer -  Bunburry is soccer's first "target winger?"

Jermaine Jones’ inspirational presence benefits MLS playoffs - SFGate:  Jones is giving Clint Dempsey a run for his money as the heir-apparent to Landon Donovan's role as America's soccer icon.  If only he were a little younger.

VIDEO: "FIFA 15" predicts Conference Championship leaders will move on to MLS Cup | SIDELINE |  FIFA 15 simulations point to the Revs and the Galaxy escaping tomorrow's away-legs.

FIFA Helping Raise Soccer's Profile In The US, EA Says - GameSpot:  FIFA 15 is making the beautiful game more popular in the United States.  Also of note:  The number of people playing as an MLS club more than doubled between FIFA 14 and FIFA 15.

MLS Expansion: Latest involving Sacramento, Minneapolis, Las Vegas bids |  A nice overview of how MLS may fill slots 23 and 24 (after LA and Atlanta take slots 21 and 22 in 2017).

LAFC reportedly paid highest MLS expansion fee in history - The Goat Parade:  The Chivas USA blog is still going strong and wants to know why LAFC is paying a $110 million expansion fee when all the other expansion teams are only being charged $100 million.

Video: Qatar showcases 2022 World Cup stadium - Telegraph:  Bribery?  Modern-day slavery?  Look, pretty stadium!

New Indian Soccer League Tries Glamour Approach - New York Times:  After reading this, I felt a great deal of kindred spirit with the Indian soccer fan.  That country is where we were about 18 years ago.

Soccer great Pele in intensive care, condition improving: hospital | Reuters: The living legend is in a Sao Paolo hospital battling kidney problems.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat today is the Star Wars Episode VII trailer.  Well, not exactly.  But here is a story explaining that the trailer will be viewable on iTunes today, unless you want to go see something like The Hunger Games tonight and see the trailer on the big screen.

Two pieces of pumpkin pie later.  I made it.  Now, would someone please roll me out of here?

Comment away, turkeys!