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Michael Seaton is a member of Jamaica's Caribbean Cup team

The Caribbean Cup started yesterday, but Michael Seaton and the Reggae Boyz play their first game tonight.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

It has flown under the radar a bit, but Michael Seaton has been called up to the Jamaica national team for their run for the Caribbean Cup. It is being hosted in Jamaica, and they are the obvious favorite to win the competition. Their group contains Martinique, Haiti, and Antigua and Barbuda; the winner of each group will play each other in the final, while the second place teams in each group will play each other in the third place game.

The top two teams in each group will qualify for next year's Gold Cup, and the fifth place team will enter a playoff against the the fifth place team from the Copa Centroamericano, which is Honduras, for the last spot into the tournament. They will join the three North American countries, who qualify automatically for the tournament. For those who don't remember, the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup will face off against the United States, the winner of the 2013 Gold Cup, for the right to enter the 2017 Confederations Cup.

Should they qualify for the Gold Cup, which seems likely, Jamaica will be playing in two international tournaments next summer: the Gold Cup and the Copa America, to which they and Mexico were invited. As of now, the Copa America teams for both countries are required to be U-22 teams, which would almost guarantee the attendance of Michael Seaton. That arrangement was made by Chuck Blazer, so who knows if it will actually come to pass.