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D.C. United jersey watch: 2015 secondary kit to honor supporters

The latest teaser image from the club shows the "Esta Noche" chant on inside of the collar.


Vamos, Vamos United, Este noche, tenemos que ganar!

With just over a month until the official start of the 2015 MLS season, D.C. United’s team store released a fifth sneak peak of the 2015 secondary jersey this morning. Having already shown a white torso with red stripes, the eagle on the back of the jersey, red around the United crest, and a white area around the MLS badge, today the team revealed a new neck tape, as well as a glimpse of the collar. The new photo shows a neck tape on the inside of the collar that reads, "Esta Noche Tenemos Que Ganar", one of the more popular chants among United supporters. The chant is printed in white lettering on a black strip of fabric in between the collar and the rest of the jersey.

Below the neck tape is white, which appears through the previous reveal  to be the main color of the secondary jersey. In addition to the neck tape, the other thing to take notice of is the red collar. Although the style of the collar is not quite discernible, the red continues a trend of having a red collar on the secondary jersey.

What do you think about the latest preview of the secondary jersey? Excited that there's some fan acknowledgement with the chant? Thoughts on the red collar?