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D.C. United stadium zoning process begins March 14

Bureaucratic wheels keep moving forward for the Buzzard Point stadium.

UrbanTurf reports that the zoning process for D.C. United's future home at Buzzard Point will begin on Monday, March 14. This essentially means that the D.C. Zoning Commission will review the Planned Unit Development (PUD) that the team submitted back in January, and will determine whether or not to "set down" the proposal, which is a strange term for "opening it for consideration." If the Commission does approve setting down the proposal, the PUD will then be part of a review session by the Commission, with the document being available for public comment. Presumably, this will be a formality, as the city's Office of Planning recommends in a memorandum to the Zoning Commission that the project be set down for a public hearing.

This is another in a series of steps, with the final conceptual design turned in to the City by March 1 (drawings don't appear to be available on any of the City's websites as of this writing), and development design by June 1 being among the road markers to keep an eye on as the project rolls along.