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D.C. United stadium press conference: Details come out on Buzzard Point stadium

Mayor Muriel Bowser held a press conference today, and one of the main talking points was the D.C. United stadium agreement.

Muriel Bowser, Tom Hunt, and members of the DC Council held a press conference today to announce the final agreement for building the D.C. United stadium on Buzzard Point. After the feint to Virginia, the two sides came together and finalized a better deal for both sides. Many of the benefits that they listed have been mentioned before, but here is what Bowser and her deputy mentioned:

  • There will be over 400 construction jobs for the construction of the stadium, and over 700 permanent jobs when the stadium is completed.
  • Purchase agreements for the land owned by Pepco, Mark Ein, and Super Salvage will be transmitted to the Council today; there is not yet an agreement with Akridge, but the District must have title to the land by September.
  • The land will be transmitted to D.C. United for construction by September 2016, with the stadium expected to take 15 months to construct.
  • Phil Mendelson said that they Council will swiftly move to approve anything that requires their approval
  • The Community Benefits agreement was tweaked to make the references to soccer camps gender neutral

All in all, this is good progress towards the stadium. From here, all eyes turn towards Akridge and the D.C. Courts, since eminent domain seems more likely than ever. Mayor Bowser did not seem to view that as too much of a potential problem, however.