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D.C. United and Nigel de Jong, plus previewing Toronto FC: Filibuster

We’re here to help you get through your emotions

After another crushing defeat, the Filibuster podcast is here to help you with your sorrows. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about D.C. United versus Minnesota United and the disaster that was defensive midfield. We talk about the turnover, the throw-ins, and how there is no answer currently on this team.

In the second segment we get into Adam’s Funtime News Roundup Time™️. We talk about Nigel de Jong (and name a cocktail after him based on the request of one of our Patreon subscribers), and talk about Krisztian Nemeth and Marcus Olsson, one of whom we’re excited about and one of whom we disagree upon. We also talk about the rumors about D.C. United’s ownership and how their investment in the stadium is escalating.

Finally, we bring on Kristin Knowles from The Vocal Minority to talk about D.C. United’s next game against Toronto FC. We discuss Sebastian Giovinco and ask her what having depth on your team feels like. We also get into Victor Vasquez’s role, Raheem Edwards, Alex Bono taking away the starting ‘keeper job from Clint Irwin, and how TFC fans feel about Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley. We of course ask her how to gameplan Toronto FC, and get into all aspects of their back line. Give it a listen!

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