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Filibuster podcast episode 177: Soccer is very fragile

With Adam gone, we have a very special guest host this week

Since we have sent Adam off on assignment to Texas, we have the great pleasure to welcome in Greg Roche of DC101 and Pitch Pass fame to his hosting chair this week. Will we accept Adam back? Only time will tell.

We start off with D.C. United's 1-1 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes, and ask if we are disappointed about that result. We talk about Fabian Espindola, how he's playing right now, and if he deserves to be the starter, as well as whether or not we're all talking differently about this team and this result if the they had already won a game. We talk about Luciano Acosta and all of the central midfield options, and some of us want to see some kind of change. We end the first segment talking about the way Markus Halsti would be a perfect fit for this lineup, and how we've enjoyed the play of Patrick Nyarko.

We then move on to talk about this weekend's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps, including talking about how shorthanded they will be when they come to town. We break down the two empty buckets that may be facing each other in this game, and how the Vancouver probably starting forwards are actually a good matchup for United's center back pair. We highlight a player too often underrated by people covering United, and finish by talking about the key to this game: they wide play of both teams. Give it a listen!

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