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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Imma get a scholarship to King's College

And also play some professional soccer on the side.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Excuse me yes hi I would like for all of us to take a moment to pour one out for the flawless rendition I performed of "My Shot" from Hamilton last night that nobody on my trivia team appreciated. The song played, I was amazing, and meanwhile everybody else just talked amongst themselves.

Okay, now that we've all given me the commendation of which I was so unjustly robbed last night, we can move on to soccer.

Black & Red United is having a meetup on April 16 - Black And Red United
If you come to our meetup, maybe I'll sing Hamilton for you, too. Or I won't. Whichever will get you to come.

ASN article: Should We All Get Along? A Look at Soccer in America
Please everyone share your thoughts on who should act as the USSF/MLS therapist.

SoccerAmerica - One Nation, One Team -- a tainted slogan for U.S. Soccer
Well. This is a take I can honestly say I was not expecting.

ASN article: Ali Krieger to ASN: "I Want to Play in Olympic Games"
PSA that if your default reaction to Ali Krieger isn't heart eyes emoji, you are at the wrong blog, my friend.

'I was getting out of a country that was struggling and I don't regret it a day since'
Cool article about Ian Hennessy, now head coach at the University of Delaware and also just a casual holder of a PhD in molecular biology from Columbia.

Bryan Arguez, former MLS and Bundesliga player, acquitted of rape charges | The Washington Post
This is only very tangentially related, but there's an episode of the West Wing in which Georgia's DeKalb County plays a role, and every character mispronounces it for the entire episode and it is infuriating. The 'l' should be silent. Now I expect all of you to remember this always.

What You Need To Know About The Women'€™s Soccer Equal Pay Controversy - The Onion
Q: Is Mia Hamm affected by this?

That's all from me. What's up with you guys?