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Share your favorite RFK Stadium memory

Sunday is the last time D.C. United will play at RFK. Let’s hear about your best times.

In case you haven’t heard, as of Sunday, D.C. United will no longer play at RFK Stadium, the only permanent home the team has had in 22 years of existence. (Just kidding, I know that everyone knows that it is #LastCallatRFK). There has been, and will be, plenty of articles about how people have experienced, and enjoyed, the concrete home during it’s existence. Whether that be at concerts, football games, soccer games, baseball games, the stories are endless. And priceless.

But now it’s time for you all the share your favorite stories! I put this out on Twitter a bit earlier, and received some wonderful responses.

Here are the replies I got so far:

Now it’s time to share your favorite memories down in the comments. Was it your first game at the stadium? Or a memorable result for the D.C. United? Or maybe one of the national teams? Who was lucky enough to go to a World Cup or Olympic game at RFK Stadium? You all are what made RFK so special throughout the years, so now it’s your time to shine.