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D.C. United vs. Vancouver Whitecaps GIFs

We look back at the fun via animated files.

Seeing D.C. United beat, and beat up on the Vancouver Whitecaps with a 4-0 win was something nobody could have expected, but we'll gladly take those types of results as a Silkwood-like shower to rinse off the stank of the winless run that lasted since last October. We're also playing with an updated GIF tool so forgive the growing pains.

The first thing I saw was Fabian Espindola, with room in midfield, looks like he thought about shooting, but looped in Lamar Neagle on this chance (which is an encouraging sign):

Next up, the chance that Fabi fired at David Ousted, the one Patrick Nyarko found him on. Almost like if you work with your teammates, good things happen...:

A mild moment of concern follows, as Blas Perez managed to lose Marcelo Sarvas and get into a scoring position:

Then we get to the first goal from Fabian Espindola. Nick DeLeon wins the duel in his half, Nick DeLeon makes a run in the Caps half to give Patrick Nyarko space to make the pass to Chris Rolfe, whose shot Ousted couldn't corral, and what Fabi buries.

Continuing into the second half and DeLeon's pass to Fabi early on:

Then Fabi's second goal. The 'Caps marking was...interesting (thanks Kendall Waston!), but also Steve Birnbaum (a beast defensively) with his second header on the day that was near the net:

Next up is goal three. Nice read from Luciano Acosta on the header from Cristian Techera, also nice run and finish by Alvaro Saborio:

Last up is the last goal and um, that pass:

So what did you see?