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Tales from Buzzard Point: an (untimely) introduction

A series that explores the rich history and traditions of legendary Buzzard Point – a legacy that the current D.C. United ownership should honor in their plans for naming the new soccer specific stadium.

In fall 2016, longtime reader/commenter and most interesting man in the world David Rusk approached the Black and Red United editors about curating a series for the site that would focus on the interesting and sometimes-odd history of Buzzard Point, the peninsula in Southwest DC where D.C. United plans to build a new 19,000-seat soccer stadium.

After thinking it over for a good long millisecond, we said yes, for a few reasons:

  1. Free content, duh.
  2. David is, as I said at the top, the most interesting man in the world, and he has interesting things to say.
  3. With no fewer than two history majors on staff, this was always something that was going to interest us.
  4. The name Buzzard Point is awesome and should be celebrated in whatever wonderful, weird ways possible. This series qualifies as just that.
As "Tales from Buzzard Point" will show, the Black-and-Red were always destined to build on Buzzard Point, and the rest of Major League Soccer have forever been doomed by history to suffer on the peninsula.

Only later did we go back and write the introduction. Oops.

Anyway, over the next several weeks, look for installments in the series to come from "researchers" including Mayor Rusk and other members of the B&RU community. For more information on how to contribute, please see the following note from our series editor.

Note from Series Editor David Rusk: "Tales from Buzzard Point" includes historical fiction and should be considered a work of homage or parody.

All members of the B&RU Commentariat are invited to submit manuscripts of their own researches into the history and traditions of Buzzard Point. All must a) involve Buzzard Point, b) have some relationship to football/ soccer, and c) demonstrate that Buzzard Point is hallowed ground for D.C. United and our MLS opponents are doomed to never come away from Buzzard Point with a result.