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Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid, World Cup 2030 (yes seriously), and more: Freedom Kicks for 6/6/17

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Also, let the girl play.

It’s Tuesday, which means I’m here for your Tuesday Freedom Kicks! I’ll echo Ryan from yesterday and say thanks to everyone who came to our tailgate on Saturday—you guys are pretty awesome.

Now let’s get to some soccer!

Pick a side: Which MLS team is the toughest to play in its home venue? | FourFourTwo
This mostly pits Sporting Kansas City against Orlando City, which I suppose are good choices although I’m a tad bit surprised more people haven’t voted for the Portland Timbers.

UEFA Will Support a British 2030 World Cup | Stars and Stripes FC
It’s never too early, folks.

Zinedine Zidane transforms Real Madrid to bring success with a smile | ESPNFC
This is an interesting look at Zidane and his Real Madrid team. (By the way, who caught the Champions League final before the DCU game this past weekend? I wasn’t invested in either team except that I kinda hate Cristiano Ronaldo, but that was a great game.)

Armchair Analyst: Seven takeaways from the US U-20s run to the QFs | MLS
I won’t pretend like I caught this game—I didn’t even watch the senior squad play because I went to bed after I got home from RFK—but now I can pretend like I know what’s up.

8 year-old girl disqualified from soccer game because she 'looks like a boy' |
Well, this is some fresh bullshit.

Q&A with Olympique Lyonnais’s David Banget | Digital Sport
This is a Q&A with Olympique’s Lyonnais’s Chief Digital Officer, so it’s probably more interesting if you’re also interested in digital marketing (which happens to be my day job), but here it is nonetheless.

Ghana church holds Chelsea thanksgiving service | BBC
Ok ok ok I can get behind this idea.

Ex-Newcastle midfielder Cheick Tiote dies after collapsing on training ground | Fox Soccer
This is just awful. He was only 30 years old.

That’s all from me, so take to the comments with thoughts and anything else!