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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: Can’t find a Taxi in the District, Further Yates Report fallout, and More

Plus, that World Cup broadcasting crew looks kind of neat

Austin FC v DC United Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

What does the sun look like? I am losing track of the days as they all bend together under one large gray rain cloud. The news is about as bright as the days have been.

D.C. United

I’d sure love some more communication here. I can understand the team playing the middle lane here by not releasing Taxi on hearsay while also not including him in team activities while the investigation is ongoing. I don’t know why this investigation is taking so long though, and it’s all just a mess of uncomfortableness in the meantime. As I said, I’d like some more communication. He’s the face of the team now and all we get are some periodic Goff tweets.

Meanwhile, I’d also like some closure on Dave Johnson’s role next year for D.C. United. Sure, his run as voice of DC United comes to an end (WTOP), at least on TV, but could he call the games on the radio? Could he do some pre- and post-game reporting? Could he be the team’s official hugging gate greeter? I want answers!

Yates Report (continued)

Tuesday’s Kicks get into the action here, so I’ll be brief with a couple of follow-ups. The Spirit’s Michele Kang has made a statement here:

Furthermore, another casualty of the report has occurred in Chicago with their owner stepping down (Pro Soccer Wire).

More News

Fox unveils full 2022 World Cup broadcast team (Pro Soccer Wire): You know, if Apple picked up some of these names after the World Cup, maybe the broadcasting won’t be so bad. I don’t have much optimism though.

If you just want some casual vibes to enjoy our favorite (operational) local soccer stadium, Buzzard Point is hosting the United the District Fest.

Now go out into the world. The gray, wet, rainy, chilled world.