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Fantasy Focus: Secret Ending

It’s over, I guess?

MLS: Portland Timbers Legends-MLS Cup Trophy Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes we do things in our lives for the last time without knowing it was the last time. We go on our last first date, use dialup internet, and send our pager code at the end of the phone number all for the last time without knowing it. And it seems last round we played the final round of the 2022 Black and Red United Classic League because the system seems to think it’s all over:

Points for the 28th round, which just completed this weekend, were not tallied in the Classic League, so I guess that’s really it.

So congratulations to BL4CKnRED, overall winner with 2960 points, 146 more than second place Deep Pokects FC.

Oddly enough, the Head-to-Head League is still going, and I honestly don’t know how this has happened. So I guess I’ll see you next season, and hopefully we’ll get to complete it.