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Sunil Gulati, NWSL, Chelsea’s title win, & more: Freedom Kicks for 5/16/17

Also inside: something pretty adorable.

Tuesday Freedom Kicks? Tuesday Freedom Kicks! No time for intros today, we’re heading straight into the soccer.

U.S. soccer president Sunil Gulati might have a challenger in 2018 election | The Washington Post

I doubt someone else would win? But I’d like to see someone oppose Gulati nonetheless, because that would be interesting.

How each MLS club strives (and struggles) to find authentic identity | Top Drawer Soccer

Lol, some not super nice things said about D.C. United here.

NWSL Players Have Unionized | Vice Sports

Good good! This is good.

What does the new NWSL Players Association mean for players and the league? | Fox Soccer

A deeper look at and explanation of the Players Association, which is not exactly a union.

Merritt Mathias gets angry and that's fine | Sounder at Heart

This is worth a read. Double standards are a thing and we should call them out.

Sporting Lisbon sign Bebeto's son, Mattheus, to five-year deal | ESPNFC

Normally this would not be particularly interesting news, but it’s adorable because Bebeto did the cradle-rocking celebration in ‘94 and now the baby is all grown up and playing pro soccer, you guysssss

Chelsea on point as they bring innovative Instagram Story to fans’ title celebrations | Digital Sport

Based on the headline I was expecting more from the Insta story, but still, it was a good way to tap into fans’ feelings throughout a season.

That’s all from me, so hit the comments with the rest!