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USA under-20s win Concacaf title, 2018 MLS playoffs, and more: Freedom Kicks for 11/23/2018

Mostly thinking about ATLUTD vs. NYRB and SKC vs. PTFC, but also a screaming cowboy

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Happy capitalism day! Alright, actually I’m just going to wish y’all a belated happy Thanksgiving. We couldn’t do this without you fine folks. Hope you got enough of your favorite dish, and that the people you ate with kept the horrible opinions to a minimum. I wasn’t able to spend much of the day looking for links, so this might be a shorter round of Freedom Kicks than I usually provide.

Atlanta United international break roundup: Back in one piece | Dirty South Soccer
The MLS playoffs return on Sunday, and Atlanta United is glad the international window didn’t result in any injured players. Here’s hoping they score at least 9 goals in the first leg.

Watch: Red Bull Game of Thrones | Once a Metro
This might make you feel some kind of way if you’re into Game of Thrones. Personally I feel like the show looks overwrought and silly (I haven’t bothered watching), but then if the rest of the playoffs are overwrought and silly, I’ll be entertained...unless the Red Bulls win. So I guess I want them to lose the game of thrones? Do they play a game of thrones on the show? Is it just musical chairs?

Rumor: Celtic Captain Scott Brown linked to Sporting KC | The Blue Testament
Seems like a long shot, but Sporting Kansas City’s last Scottish signing (Johnny Russell) turned out to be a good one.

Soccer Made in Portland: Episode 41 - Can we play soccer again soon? | Stumptown Footy
Did you forget that the Portland Timbers are still alive? The long shots in the semifinal field are also, at least for me, probably the least offensive option as far as a team to win it all.

US Under-20 national team defeats Mexico 2-0 to win Concacaf championship |
I can barely understand this story. A team affiliated with US Soccer...did good?

LAFC acquire Colombian defender Eddie Segura on loan | Angels on Parade
With a thin and aging (other than Walker Zimmerman, who was reportedly being scouted when the USMNT lost to Italy earlier this week) set of center backs, LAFC made an early offseason move.

Yael Averbuch and the NWSL Players Association aim to help avoid conflict between the league and its players, not instigate it | The Athletic
The NWSL Players Association is currently quite different from other similar unions in American sports.

And now, I’ll close with the full music video that sparked the screaming cowboy meme that you have probably encountered. It is...something.