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Fantasy Focus: G.O.A.T.

It's Chivas USA's world, and we're just living in it.

Andy Lyons

The leader this round is Denison Cabrallstars, with 94 points despite earning just 6 from three starting defenders. Captain Erick Torres (CHV, $8.8) led with 28 points and two goals over two games, and he's scored a goal in four consecutive games. Second on the team was Torres's teammate Dan Kennedy... Kennedy ($4.4), with 15 points on two clean sheets in two games. There was a tie for third between Harry Shipp (CHI, $7.0) and Pedro Morales (VAN, $8.8) with 10 points, Shipp with a goal, Morales with an assist. The overall leader is, as usual, In It Toux Win It.

Positional Leaders


Dan Kennedy's 15 points led his position and shared the lead among all players, and his two clean sheets were the second and third consecutive goose eggs he's put up. Sean Johnson (CHI, $4.8) scored 11 points with a clean sheet over two matches, and both Joe Bendik (TOR, $5.0) and David Ousted (VAN, $5.6) scored 7 points, though Ousted was the only one with a clean sheet. Bill Hamid ($5.1) scored 5 points for D.C.


Chivas defenders, benefiting from two clean sheets, owned the top four places of the scoring chart this week. Carlos Bocanegra ($6.9) led with 15 points, tying him with Dan Kennedy for the overall lead, Bobby Burling ($5.1) and Donny Toia ($5.0) each scored 14 points, and Tony Lochhead ($5.9) scored 11. DCU's defenders were led by the center back duo of Steve Birnbaum ($4.5) and Bobby Boswell ($8.8) with 4 points each. Sean Franklin ($7.3) earned 3 points, and Chris Korb ($5.8) scored 2.


Three players tied for the midfield lead with 10 points -- Jorge Villafana (POR, $5.3), Jackson (TOR, $7.2), and Pedro Morales. Villafana and Jackson each scored a goal. Perry Kitchen ($6.3) and his game-winning goal led United with 8 points, Nick DeLeon ($6.8) scored 7, Luis Silva ($7.1) and Lewis Neal ($5.3) each scored 5, Davy Arnaud ($6.5) had 3, Chris Rolfe ($7.0) scored 2, and Collin Martin ($5.3) scored 1.


Erick Torres led all forwards with 14 points. Mike Magee (CHI, $9.9) scored once and added an assist for 13 points, and Bradley Wright-Phillips (NY, $8.3) scored two goals and 12 points. Eddie Johnson ($9.4) scored 2 points for United, while Conor Doyle ($6.3) scored 1 and wailed openly while pining for Fabian Espindola. Or maybe that was just me.

Looking Ahead

FC Dallas is on bye, and everyone else plays once. Games start on Friday. Montreal are terrible, so think about Eric Kronberg (SKC, $4.9) at goalkeeper. At the back, Michael Parkhurst (CLB, $7.6) is hot right now, with 23 points over four games as Columbus travels to New Jersey. Cristian Maidana (PHI, $7.6) followed a dud of a performance last week with 8 points against Dallas, and you should consider him against Colorado. At forward, Dom Dwyer (SKC, $8.3) against that Montreal backline is too much to pass up.

Everyone's Adding: G - Kronberg (+145), D - Parkhurst (+285), M - Clint Dempsey (SEA, $10.3, +602), F - Wright-Phillips (+666)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Troy Perkins (MTL, $5.2, -70), D - David Horst (HOU, $6.2, -250), M - Fabian Castillo (DAL, $6.7, -643), F - Jack McInerney (MTL, $7.9, -246)