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Bring Da Noise: DC United and Sundry Soccer Links for 7 November 2014

The Great Comeback will be deafening, or not at all.

Ned Dishman

Can you even stand it?

This is the last Friday Freedom Kicks before the most important game of D.C. United's 2014 season.

And so, before dedicating this FFK to all things related to that singular event, let's have a little sidebar here.

Look, we're as nervous as all get-out for the players.  Their backs are up against the wall.

But I'm way more nervous for the fans, for the 12th man.  It's the fans' performance that has to measure up.  This had better be the most packed, loudest event at RFK in a long, long time.  It turns out all of that crowd noise may have an actual impact on the game.  And crowd density has been cited in one study as  "the only significant predictor of game outcome."  The home field advantage increases as crowd density increases.

So, tomorrow, let's hear RFK roar.

Tomorrow, there is no quiet side of the stadium.  Tomorrow, be a mob of black and red.  Give yourself over to the crowd.  Be one giant sonic sea twisting in a raging maelstrom around that lush green pitch.  Scream with delight.  Boo with outrage.  Chant.  Sing.  Burn your vocal chords.  This game may come down to you.  Leave it all at RFK.  No one gets out with their voice in tact.

And now, your Freedom Kicks.

Playoff Timeline: November 8 | D.C. United:  The essentials for tomorrow.

D.C. United faces an uphill battle in playoff battle with the New York Red Bulls - The Washington Post:  And what do you do when you charge up hill?  You. Scream. Your. Head. Off.  Like Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman and that dude from The Princess Bride once showed us.

So just what are the Red Bulls' chance of advancing against D.C. United? - Once A Metro:  Our Red Bull sister site is feeling...bullish...and cautious.  Heh.

Red Bulls Defense Raises Its Game - New York Times: A nice in-depth article about what Espindola, EJ, Silva, Rolfe, Pontius, and NDL are up against tomorrow.

DC United's Bobby Boswell on diaper duty, BWP & keeping MLS Cup dreams alive | - Extra Time Radio interviews Bobby Boswell who gives us a heads up that we can expect a way more aggressive DC United tomorrow.  All the better for the war whoops.

D.C. United anticipating another big turnout at RFK Stadium for Red Bulls visit - The Washington Post:  Excellent news.  Let's get down to it, boppers.

Columbus Crew Must Balance the Game in New England - Massive Report:  Our sister site in the great state of Ohio is dealing with an even steeper uphill battle on Sunday -- and they are away from home.

Football's Greatest Comebacks | ShortList Magazine:  This could be you tomorrow.  Includes videos for each awesome match.

Loudest Stadiums in World Football | Bleacher Report:  Some more inspiration, also with video.  The mayhem at PAOK still kills me.

Your Friday Freedom Kicks treat today is a supercut of Skeletor's insults.

And if you're a Red Bull fan who found your way here by mistake, here's some inspiration for you.

Everyone else, BRING THA NOIZE.