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Watch the Washington Spirit’s Line Sigvardsen Jensen score a golazo

This game was played in Leesburg, but LS7 took this shot from somewhere in Winchester

Washington Spirit players celebrate following Line Sigvardsen Jensen’s goal Caitlin Buckley

The Washington Spirit have scored some pretty great goals thus far in the preseason. Kristie Mewis has managed to score with a rocket from outside the box in both of the Spirit’s games thus far, Cheyna Williams torched UNC for a solo goal, and there were a couple of well-worked passing sequences resulting in goals in both of matches.

However, against North Carolina this past Saturday, Danish national team midfielder Line Sigvardsen Jensen - a player with no previous goals for Washington in competitive or preseason play - scored what is easily the best of the bunch:

You can hear the crowd processing this one. A murmur as everyone realizes the mis-hit clearance has opened the door for a 45+ yard shot. About halfway through the ball’s flight, the crowd kind of quiets, because it looks like it’s going to go over the bar. I have to confess, I said “too long” out loud in the pressbox. And then, as the ball falls off a cliff at the last second and just barely tucks in under the crossbar, a cheer that is at least one-third disbelief.

We are planning on doing a DC Soccer Goal of the Year tournament towards the end of 2017, and our policy is that preseason goals don’t count. However, it seems safe to go ahead and crown this DC Soccer Preseason Goal of the Year...unless the Spirit have some kind of goal from an actual mile away ready for this weekend.