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USA vs. Mexico review, plus D.C. United vs Christos FC and Toronto FC: Filibuster

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Despite there being no D.C. United game this past weekend, we have plenty to talk about. We bring on Sebastian Salazar, formerly of Comcast SportsNet and now of ESPN and ESPN FC, to talk about the USA’s 1-1 draw with Mexico. We talk about the goals of Michael Bradely and Carlos Vela, the difference between the 5-4-1s of Jurgen Klinsmann and Bruce Arena, and Bruce’s use of Christian Pulisic. We discuss the fact that the USA and Mexico have reasserted their dominance after having floundered in this cycle and the previous cycle, respectively. We end by talk about future qualification runs as the World Cup expands, and the choice made by Jesse Gonzalez to represent the USA.

In the second segment we get back to D.C. United and talk about their two games coming up this week. We start with the US Open Cup and their matchup tonight against Christos FC. Christos are the last amateur team left in the Open Cup, and Ben Olsen will likely be running out a ton of reserves in this game. We then get into United’s weekend game against Toronto FC, and try and figure out if United has a chance against the defending Eastern Conference champs. Give it a listen!

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