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D.C. United’s scoreless streak continues, and can they break it against Vancouver Whitecaps: Filibuster podcast

The guys don’t have any good things to say

We like doing a podcast more than we dislike reliving D.C. United’s poor performance this week, so we are here for you. We open the show talking about the meetup that we are having on June 3rd, and you should definitely come to it. It’s gonna be fun!

Less fun was D.C. United’s performance this weekend, and we open with the same position we’ve been opening with for awhile: the central midfield. Jason has some particularly bad stats about Marcelo Sarvas and Jared Jeffrey’s performance in this game. We talk about David Accam’s goal, the fact that, surprisingly, D.C. United did have a couple of chances, and the play of Steve Binrbaum and Bobby Boswell. We end by commemorating the return of Chris Korb, talk about the young players who could be making an impression, and wonder if new ideas or formations might help anything.

In the second segment, we make the major announcement that we have been teasing: We’re starting a Patreon! The link will be up soon, and we would appreciate it if those who could threw in a couple of bucks to help us record the show and to take it to the next level. But don’t worry; this show isn’t going anywhere. We then talk about the Vancouver Whitecaps game this weekend, including their inconsistency and the fact that they’ll have to replace Matias Laba. We also investigate their attack and defense, before breaking down what D.C. United can do against them. Give it a listen!

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