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Report: Eddie Johnson Likely Retiring

The Designated Player Will Presumably Be Hanging Them Up, and the Team May Be Compensated as a Result

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Several days after celebrating his 31st birthday, Steven Goff brings updated word on D.C. United Designated Player Eddie Johnson, saying that his career is likely over, and the team is to use his words, 'anticipating salary cap relief' because of issues surrounding his enlarged heart.

Regulars perhaps knew that a return to professional athletics for Johnson may have been long odds at best, and if you haven't yet, our own Donald Wine discussed his own similar issues to help give an appreciation for what Johnson is going through.

The interesting part may prove (as Goff mentions) the lawyers and unions involvement into the Johnson situation. The question at some point will transition to what was known about Johnson's situation and when. Additionally (and there is no real effective way to transition to this), the freeing up of salary space and a Designated Player spot serves to benefit the team particularly if they decide to add another player to their ranks internationally, to try to hold onto homegrown goalkeeper Bill Hamid by giving him one of the soon to be two open DP spots.

For now, just as Donald mentioned then, the goal is for Johnson to be healthy, to be happy, and to celebrate many more birthdays around friends and family. Johnson has played more than half his life in professional soccer and an additional share as member of the United States National Team, and we hope the next stage of his life brings him as much, if not more, success than the first.