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D.C. United, Branko Boskovic, and more: Freedom Kicks for 21 October 2021

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Requiem for a Boskovic?
Requiem for a Boskovic?

Good morning! I hope you have your tea or your coffee ready for a cool morning that will blossom into a beautiful day. If you can, take a mid-day walk! If it turns out to be a no bones day, take care of yourself and get back into bed!

Anyways, to the soccer:

D.C. United overpowered by New England Revolution attack in 3-2 loss

With their loss, D.C. United is currently tied on points with New York City FC and one point above the New York Red Bulls, so it will be a scrappy fight to the finish to see which of these teams makes it to the playoffs. The Columbus Crew aren’t far behind either, making it a 4 teams duking it out.

MLS salary breakdown: Top spenders struggling in 2021 as new signings add to wage bills

The updated salary numbers are out, and it is always fun to see the LA Galaxy with a big payroll and not a lot of points.

I still miss Branko.

Every day that Steve Baldwin is still an owner of the team is another day lost that the team could be using to move forward, repair trust, hire new management, focus on this season and the next, and more.

That’s all I have today. What’s up?