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MLS All-Stars ready for Real Madrid, MLS Miami on the verge of official, & more: Freedom Kicks for August 2, 2017

It’s a MLS kind of day, but pay attention to the lower leagues too.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Tonight, the MLS All-Stars take on Real Madrid in the MLS All Star Game in Chicago. Before you tune into the friendly tonight (8:30pm, FS1), here’s some news:

All-Stars eager, but wary of Real Madrid’s quality: “You need to go hard” | MLS

The sentiment is clear among the MLS All-Stars: they can beat Real Madrid, but they have to play hard and not make mistakes.

Miami Beckham expansion bid ‘at the finish line’ – MLS commissioner Garber | ESPNFC

Could this saga finally be meeting its end, and could David Beckham get the seal of approval in establishing an expansion franchise in Miami?

Homegrown Team 2, Chivas Under-20s 2 | 2017 MLS Homegrown Game Match Recap | MLS

Chicago Fire homegrown player Djordje Mihailovic scored in the very first minute of the match and while Chivas de Guadalajara scored twice, Colorado Rapids defender Kortne Ford provided the fireworks with a stoppage time goal to give us a 2-2 result in the MLS Homegrown Game.

As USL league meetings begin, MLS2 clubs a hot-button issue | The Oklahoman

MLS2 teams will be the main topic of discussion as the USL meet to talk USL3, Division 2 sanctioning and the steps they need to take to ensure the success of their league.

Escaping Kakuma: Soccer and the pursuit of meaning inside the world’s third-largest refugee camp | SB Nation

An incredible read about Kakuma, one of the world’s largest refugee camps, and how soccer brings everyone together and gives them the hope of making it.

Top USMNT matchup wish list | Stars & Stripes FC

A shameless plug for a fun article I wrote discussing what teams you’d like to see the USMNT play. Which teams are on your friendly wish list?

Why are foreign soccer stars buying up lower league teams in the US? | The Guardian

A lot of soccer stars from abroad are buying into NASL and USL teams in the United States. Is it for development or is it to get in the ground level of a franchise that aspires to join MLS?

Schweinsteiger believes MLS could be equal to European leagues ‘in 10 years’ | ESPNFC

Bastian Schweinsteiger thinks that on its current path, MLS could be on par with leagues like Serie A in just 10 years. He comments on the level of play and how it’s getting better. He thinks European players are noticing. The money quote: "The goal should be that in 10 years maybe that players like [Christian Pulisic], they are not playing in Europe, that they are playing in MLS."

Alright, that’s it for now. Hit the comments and discuss!