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D.C. United is bad, Gold Cup is fun, soccer is weird sometimes: Freedom Kicks for 7/25/17

brb calling 12 rabbis

Are we done with this rain yet? Because I’m 1,000% elephants over it being hot/sunny one moment and then a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR the next. I mean, not that I got caught in a downpour yesterday or anything.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday! It’s Freedom Kicks!

D.C. fighting too many fires under Olsen, current ownership to truly grow | ESPN FC
I’m in a growing minority that’s not ready to give up on Olsen yet, mostly because I want him as coach in the new stadium. But obviously real progress has been pretty lacking for DCU...BUT BENNYYYY :(

As Mexico ends another disappointing summer with an under-fire manager, where will it go from here? | Yahoo! Sports
I don’t really care about the answer to this question, I mostly just love that Jamaica won their semifinal. Can’t wait for the final tomorrow.

MLS rejected $4 billion media rights deal requiring promotion/relegation | ESPN FC
This is just silly.

'Place crest here' and other all-time American soccer uniform fails | FourFourTwo
However much your feelings on Wondolowski may have soured later, that extra W remains pretty great.

The unrelenting polarization of Jozy Altidore | Top Drawer Soccer
*shrug* I like Jozy. I’m happy with Jozy.

Fabian Johnson may quit United States team after 2018 World Cup | ESPN FC
ilu Fabian plz don’t go

My Bizarre Quest To Become A Jew And Play Pro Soccer In Israel | Deadspin
An excerpt from Bobby Warshaw’s book. Actually I thought this was really interesting! Give it a read.

That’s all I got, folks! You go on with your bad selves in the comments with anything else.