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D.C. United vs. New England Revolution staff and reader predictions

We are suspiciously optimistic.

It’s been a strange week for D.C. United. Back-to-back 1-0 wins thanks to two own goals? That’s weird, y’all.

After Wednesday’s game, in which the Black-and-Red defied all reason to somehow beat Atlanta United FC again, it feels a little harder to make predictions about this team. Of late we’ve mostly been predicting disaster and being proved correct, but could it be that something better is happening for DCU now? Might we see something positive today?

Dare we say, we’re feeling a tad optimistic.

Donald Wine II

Don't look now, the Black-and-Red are gaining some confidence. Sure, Own Goal has won them their past two games, but the team is playing better and looking better as the new-look squad starts to gel. To paraphrase former Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown: "We won last weekend. We won last night, so that's two in a row. We win Saturday, that's called a winning streak. It has happened before. So let's see some hustle, let's jack it up a little! I got a feeling things are about to turn around for us." Well said Lou, well said. The Revs will be trying to win without the services of Kelyn Rowe and I think United is starting to turn it around and give us some sparks down the stretch. Bill Hamid stands on his head once again and it's a goal by Zoltan Stieber off the bench that does it for United. 1-0 to the good guys!

Ben Bromley

After a nearly impossible win, albeit one with the team playing better, D.C. United faces off against their old foes in the New England Revolution. The Revs are the next-worse team in the Eastern Conference, and United should see the debut of Zoltan Stieber. Can the pull off a three game winning streak and actually score some goals? Why not! 2-1 to United, with Stieber and Paul Arriola both scoring their first goals.

Jason Anderson

Given the circumstances surrounding both teams—United has two straight shutout wins and several new players, while New England is sinking rapidly and just lost Kelyn Rowe for 6-8 weeks—and the fact that United has gone unbeaten in 7 straight league matches against the Revs, I have a good feeling about this one. It'll take a while, though, and I think we're in for a first half where both teams see good play from their goalkeepers to keep the scores level. However, United has the better of it, and eventually they break through on a set piece header from Kofi Opare. The Revs make a brief push back, but the truth is that the first goal leaves them defeated. For the feel-good factor, Zoltan Stieber gets himself a debut goal with a tidy finish on the counter in stoppage time. 2-0 DCU. Three-game winning streak, what is going on!


What's more unlikely: two consecutive 1-0 wins via own goals, or me thinking D.C. might actually get a win of their own doing in this match? Another 1-0 win feels about right here, but this time it comes via Luciano Acosta scoring without the help of defenders. I'm not sure how good a team can feel about winning two games despite not scoring themselves, but this one will feel good when it's over.

Leanne Elston

I mean, we might actually win this one? Is that crazy?? It does feel odd to be predicting a win for this team, but then again things do seem like they’re improving...even though DCU didn’t score in the last two games/wins. Idk you guys. But another win seems like it might actually happen, and I’ll say it’s another 1-0. It’ll feel tentative and we’ll be in heart attack territory for the full 90 minutes, but ultimately a goal from Paul Arriola sends us home happy.

Are you feeling as positive as we are? Let us know your predictions in the comments, but first it’s a simple silly poll for you.


Will Own Goal strike again?!

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  • 35%
    Sure, why not, I’ll take it
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  • 46%
    No way, we’ve used up all that luck
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  • 3%
    Yes, but unfortunately Own Goal has switched sides
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  • 14%
    Yes, but elsewhere in the league
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